Our Milk

Raw milk is milk that comes straight from the cow to you, and has not been processed in any way.

Nothing has been added or taken away from it to make it whole or better. It is milk as nature intended. Just as eggs provide all the nutrients needed to grow a healthy chick, milk provides all the nutrients needed to grow a healthy calf. It’s a complete and properly balanced food.

Our milk is not pasteurised. Pasteurisation is a process invented by French scientist Louis Pasteur during the nineteenth century. It involves heating milk to a high temperature and then swiftly cooling it. It completely changes the structure of the milk proteins into something far less healthy. While the process certainly destroys germs and bad bacteria, it also destroys the milk’s beneficial bacteria along with many of its nutritious components. Pasteurising milk destroys enzymes, vitamin B12 and B6 and kills beneficial bacteria. Raw milk left out will sour naturally.

Our milk is not homogenised. Homogenisation is the process of breaking up the fat globules in cream to such a small size that they remain suspended evenly in the milk rather than separating out and floating to the surface. Homogenisation prevents the consumer from realizing just how little fat is contained in modern processed milk. Before homogenisation, milk purchasers looked for milk that had lots of cream – that was the sign that the milk came from healthy cows. What effect homogenisation has on health we’re not sure. But one thing is certain : you can’t beat good old-fashioned milk that hasn’t been meddled or tampered with.