Our milk sells for $2.50NZ per litre through a self-service raw milk dispenser. There are clear instructions written on the dispenser on how to use it.

The machine sells the milk in 1 litre and 2 litre amounts.

You can bring your own bottles or you can purchase our 1 litre re-usable glass bottles for $4.00 each, which are sold through our bottle dispenser.

Both the raw milk dispenser and the bottle dispenser take notes and coins and give change. 

Regular customers may want to buy a key that can be loaded with any amount of credit, and which can then be used instead so you don’t always need to carry cash.


Under New Zealand law, the sale of raw milk is only permitted from the farm gate and is limited to 5 litres per person.

Section 11a of the Food Act 1981 states the following :

   11A Restriction on selling raw milk

   (1)   Except as provided in subsection (2), no person shall sell, resell or buy any raw milk.

   (2)   A milk producer may sell raw milk to any person if -

         (a) it is sold -

                (i)  at the producer's dairy premises; and

                (ii) in a quantity not exceeding 5 litres at any one time: and

         (b) the person intends the milk for consumption by the person or the person's family;-  

         And the person may buy it accordingly.